Before the Interview: How to Prepare

If you have a job interview scheduled in a week or so, you have some prep work to do. It’s unwise to just “wing it” when it comes to something that could change your life in such an important way.

Read below for some tips on what to do and when before a job interview.

(Note: we’re going to assume you that have a week to prepare.)

  • Six days before: If you haven’t done so already, start researching the company online. Google the company and read its entire website. Google the company’s name and see what other people are saying about it online. Take a look at its social media feeds to see what the company is talking about there and what its customers are saying, as well. Do this so that you can see what news the company is celebrating, the challenges it has overcome and believes it faces, etc. This will help you see where your particular skills and abilities can help the company reach its goals.
  • Five days before: Go to LinkedIn and take a look at the hiring manager’s profile. If you can’t view the profile (because you’re not connected), Google the person and see what comes up. You want to look for your potential future supervisor’s work history, accomplishments and education. This will help you find commonalities. It also can help you talk intelligently about the person’s own goals at the interview (yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the hiring manager about his/her goals) and see how you can help the person reach them.
  • Four days before: Try on the suit you’re going to wear to the interview. If you haven’t worn it in a while, this will give you a chance to make sure it still fits and that it’s clean. (If it’s not clean, go find a 24-hour dry cleaners ASAP). Polish your shoes. Get a hair trim, if needed. (Don’t go for an entire new look at this time; what if you don’t like the new style?). If the suit no longer fits, go get a new jacket/skirt/blouse/slacks – whatever you need to look professional. Depending on the job, you may not need a suit and tie/skirt suit. But you do need to look professional and polished. Make sure your clothes reflect the impression you want to make.
  • Three days before (can also be done two days before): If at all possible, drive to the location of the interview and see if you can do so at about the same time as you would leave for the job interview. This helps you learn where the office is and what traffic may be like on the interview day. Do the same if you’re taking public transit. If you’re not sure where the office is and what traffic may be like, you could set yourself up for being stuck in traffic…and late to the interview.
  • Two days and one day before: Relax. You’ve prepared. You’ve researched the company and your potential boss. You’ve made sure your interview clothes are ready. You know where the company is located and how long it should take you to get there. You got this. Relax today and wow the hiring manager tomorrow!

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