Team Activities to Help Welcome New Hires

Remember what it was like the first day of school when you’d just moved into the neighborhood?

You knew no one, everyone seemed to know – and be friends with – everyone else, and you felt that everyone was staring at you.

And then your teacher had the class sing a welcome song. Or you all played a game where everyone had to tell something about themselves. Didn’t matter what it was, but the group activity certainly helped ease you into your new surroundings and helped your classmates start thinking of you as something more than just “the new kid.”

The same goes for the workplace. New hires are nervous. They feel everyone is looking at them. They get the sense that friendships have been forged and they wonder if they’ll ever be able to become a real part of the team.

You, as manager, have an obligation to your team as well as to the new hire to help the new worker feel as welcome and accepted as possible.

Enter team activities.

Read below for some team activity suggestions:

  • The Signature Hunt. Give your new hires a list of current team members (and even some outside your department) and ask them to go find these folks and get their signature. Ask your current employees to speak with the new hire for one or two minutes. This is a great way to start creating relationships.
  • Policies and Procedures Game Show. Provide the new hires with your firm’s employee handbook and/or its policies and procedures handout. Create a game board with questions with different values ($10, $25, $50, $100, for example) and make up categories for each amount (similar to Jeopardy) about the policies/procedures. Take your current employees and new hires and divide them into two groups or so and have one person from each group pick a question in a category. The player chooses a category and a moderator then asks the applicable question. If the player gets the answer right, the team wins the “money.” If the player gets it wrong, the moderator offers the opposing team’s designated player to get the answer correct and get the money. If you like, you can offer prizes to the team who wins the most money, such as movie tickets, gift certificates to a favorite coffee house, free gas, etc. (Give the “losing” team a small prize, too).
  • Matching Stories. Bring all workers on your team together and have each write three fun facts about themselves on index cards or pieces of paper. Place the facts in a hat or bucket. Have one team member pick a story and read it aloud. Ask the group to vote on the person they think matches the story.

Having fun at work together is a great way to forge relationships and build strong bonds among team members. If your Redlands company is in the market for some new team members, contact the recruiters at Arrow Staffing. We look forward to hearing from you.

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