How to Get Forklift Certification in California

Many job listings for forklift operators say they want “certified” forklift operators.

That’s a bit misleading because the California office of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) does not certify, nor does it require certification to drive a forklift. In addition, a “license” to drive a forklift doesn’t exist.

However – and this is big – Cal/OSHA does require that those driving forklifts receive specific forklift training from a “qualified” person. Cal/OSHA also requires documentation of that training.

So when you see an ad that says “certified forklift operator wanted,” what the company really is asking for are applicants who can show documentation that they’ve been trained by the “qualified’ person.

In addition, even if you can show that documentation, Cal/OSHA requires your new employer to conduct training specific to your new employer’s work site before you’ll be allowed on a forklift.

So how can you get the training by the “qualified” person?

Many companies exist in and around the Inland Empire that provide Cal/OSHA-approved forklift operation training. You can get this training on your own, prior to being hired by a company, but talk to your employer first – many have agreements or have signed up with training companies to train their employees.

Training is usually relatively short – a day or half-day – and includes classroom as well as hands-on operation of a forklift. Some companies provide the “classroom” training online, but you will need to sit and operate a real forklift to pass the training and receive the all-important documentation that you’ve done so.

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  1. I was looking for forklift training and came across your page do you guys train or hire and train workers im intrested in being a forklift driver please contact me for some info

  2. Jonathan, many fee-based training programs exist in the Inland Empire. Here is one of them:

    Arrow Staffing isn’t affiliated with them, or any other, and have no idea how good they are (or aren’t). Just wanted to let you know there are training options for you.

    Best wishes and good luck to you!

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