Drive Your Employees’ Potential This Fall

You know that it’s easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. You also know how expensive it is to find new customers – it’s much more costly than keeping them.

It’s the same with your employees. It’s much less expensive and time consuming to keep your good workers than it is to replace them.

So what are you doing this fall to keep your great ones engaged and happy to show up at your company’s front door each week?

Read below for some suggestions.

  • There’s little more discouraging than giving your all and not being recognized for it. Are you recognizing those employees who work hard, who go above and beyond, who make it their “problem” to solve your company’s problems? Your recognition needn’t be a promotion or bonus (although those certainly are called for at times). A simple, handwritten thank-you card can go a long way to recognizing an employee’s hard work. Even better is to announce and praise the worker’s efforts in front of others. Gift certificates to a coffee shop or movie theater also are appreciated. The ways you can say “thank you” are limitless.
  • Few of us can do what our boss wants us to do unless the boss tells us. Are you making sure your workers know what you expect them to accomplish and how to get there? We don’t mean you need to hold their hands (the best employees tend to thrive in an atmosphere that gives them a lot of leeway in how they get their work done). But unless you give workers clear markers and goals, it’s doubtful that they’ll ever exceed your expectations, let alone get anywhere near them.
  • Speaking of expectations, give employees career markers. Let them know that if they do thus and such they can be promoted to this or that. Or they’ll receive this type of bonus or prize. These markers should be both long- and short-term. Short-term, so that workers will be able to know quickly if they’re meeting goals, and long-term, so that employees have a long-time view of where they’re headed. (In addition, short-term goals help workers see results for their efforts – and perhaps receive rewards for those efforts. Remember, as mentioned above, recognition and rewards in the short run can really help keep workers engaged and happy in the long run.)
  • Don’t forget to offer employees the opportunity to improve their skills or education. If possible, send them to workshops/conferences/seminars and possibly offer tuition reimbursement for educational courses.

If you’re looking for workers you can thank profusely for their hard work, Arrow Staffing can help you find them. We’ve been helping San Bernardino-area companies find great individuals for temporary and direct-hire opportunities for more than four decades. We look forward to learning how we may be of service.

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