Understanding the Pressures of Leadership

Pressure is something we all deal with every day. But for those in leadership positions, the amount of pressure they have to withstand can be much greater than most.

The best leaders, however, understand that they have to deal with increased pressure, and they have developed the qualities necessary to achieve their goals despite the pressures. How do they do it?

One thing to keep in mind is that outstanding leaders follow the advice given by Socrates several thousand years ago to “know thyself.” Leaders know what their strengths and weaknesses are, what they are good at and where they need help. They know where they will give and where they won’t. Since they are comfortable with themselves, they don’t fear argument or opinions that may diverge from their own. They value a variety of input.

One of the key abilities of a leader, according to experts, is finding and developing a management team. Leaders who can develop these teams are the ones who can handle pressure better, because they know they have people around them that they can rely on, people who know what they are doing. The larger the organization, the more important it is to develop this team, because it is impossible leaders to do everything themselves.

Leaders do not make things more complicated than they have to be. They strive to make things as simple as needed, but no simpler. They know that it is unneeded complexity that leads to problems and pressure. But simplicity helps in understanding, which leads to action, which in turn relieves pressure.

Leaders can handle pressure better when they know that everyone in their organization understands the company’s mission, when there is a shared vision, shared values and interests. And it is the leader’s job to foster that vision and values in the organization. When there is this single vision, it is easier to prioritize what needs to be done. There is no confusion.

Leaders who can focus are also better at handling pressure. They are able to cut through distractions to the problem at hand. They have clarity about what needs to be done.

And finally, leaders give themselves a little time each day to plan and look at the bigger picture.

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