How Managers Can Build Better Relationships with Employees

You want your employees to perform at peak levels, every day. To achieve your goal, you should try to build better relationships with workers. That way, you and your employees can feel comfortable working with one another. And your relationships can lead to outstanding results across your business.

Tips to Build Better Relationships with Employees

You can start building better relationships with employees today. Here are tips to help you do just that.

1. Look for Solutions, Not Problems

When you attend a meeting with a worker, discuss ways to help this individual. For instance, rather than bring up an employee’s poor performance results, you can discuss ways to help this worker get better at their job. This helps you build a positive relationship with the worker. Over time, you and your employee can work together to help him or her thrive.

2. Avoid Blaming Employees

If an issue arises at work, don’t blame an employee. Instead, look inward and explore ways you can help the worker moving forward. Every mistake presents a learning opportunity for you and your staff. By accepting responsibility for a mistake, you can show your employees you won’t throw them under the bus. At this point, your employees may be more prone than ever before to work with you to achieve business goals.

3. Follow Through on Your Commitments

Do not tell an employee you’ll do something but fail to follow through on it. Conversely, if you make a commitment to a worker, stick to it. This helps you build trust with your employees. As employees see you are dedicated to your work obligations, they may feel the same about their obligations, too.

4. Recognize Your Workers’ Achievements

Honor workers who go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, you can give a worker bonus pay or other financial rewards for a job well done. Or, you can provide an employee with extra time off if he or she outperforms expectations. Don’t forget to recognize workers for their day-to-day achievements as well. Even a thank-you note or calling out a worker’s accomplishments in a meeting can help you build better relationships with your staff.

5. Maintain Open and Honest Communication

Be ready to respond to workers’ concerns and questions. By keeping the lines of communication open, your employees can come to you any time they need help. From here, you can partner with your employees to ensure they get plenty of support.

Don’t Wait to Build Better Relationships with Your Employees

The sooner you start building better relationships with your workers, the sooner your business can reap the benefits of these relationships.

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