Assessing Cultural Fit in a Job Interview

You want top talent to join your business. To achieve your goal, you must identify job candidates who represent a great cultural fit. This ensures you can hire candidates who can mesh with their peers. Plus, these candidates can become key contributors to your company’s success.

You can do many things to assess a candidate’s cultural fit during a job interview. These include:

1. Learn About the Candidate’s Preferred Work Style

The best employees are capable of completing tasks independently and as part of a team. As such, you should find out how a candidate approaches work. This gives you insights into whether a candidate prefers working independently or with teammates. From here, you can see if a candidate can thrive within your business environment.

2. Ask a Candidate What Motivates Them

Discover what drives a candidate to give their all. For instance, some candidates may enjoy working with managers who motivate them to perform at peak levels. Meanwhile, other candidates may be motivated by incentives and benefits. Once you ask a candidate what motivates him or her, you can get a good idea about how driven this individual will be in a role with your business. Next, you can determine if you have what it takes to motivate this candidate to deliver outstanding results.

3. See What a Candidate Has Liked and Disliked About Past Jobs

Get information about a candidate’s prior work experience. If a candidate has a history of spending only a few months at a business, it may be a sign that this individual is frequently on the lookout for their next career opportunity. Comparatively, if a candidate has remained committed to past employers for long periods of time, he or she may be willing to stay with your business long into the future. In this case, the candidate can become a fixture on your team. And the candidate can help your company accomplish its long-term aspirations.

4. Let a Candidate Meet with Multiple Members of Your Team

Give a candidate opportunities to speak with several team members. The candidate can engage with your team and see what it offers. At the same time, your team can provide insights into whether the candidate may be a viable cultural fit. If so, you can move forward with adding the candidate to your team.

Prioritize Cultural Fit During Job Interviews

It is beneficial to both you and a job candidate to ask questions regarding cultural fit during an interview. These questions can help you determine if a candidate is the right choice for your business. Moreover, they can help a candidate decide if he or she wants to continue to pursue a role at your company.

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