More Ways to Get Employees to Return to Work (and Keep Them There)

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to get employees to return to work. However, with the right approach, you can help workers become more comfortable with the idea of returning to work. From here, your employees may be increasingly likely to return to work. And at this point, they can go back to work, and you can help them stay there long into the future.

We previously offered several tips to help manufacturers get employees to return to work. Now, let’s look at more ways all businesses can encourage workers to come back to work.

1. Offer Bonuses

You can use bonuses to incentivize employees to return to work. For example, you can offer bonuses at 30-, 60-, and 90-day increments based on how frequently your employees work on-site. Thus, the more often these employees travel to work, the more they can earn.

In addition, you can provide referral bonuses to your employees. These bonuses encourage workers to promote job openings to family members and friends. If you hire someone an employee refers to your business, the worker who provided the referral can earn a bonus. Plus, this employee can work with someone he or she already knows on-site moving forward.

2. Provide Flexible Work Schedules

You can offer employees the flexibility to gradually return to working on site. In this instance, you can ask employees to work on-site for only a few days a week. As workers become more acclimated to working on-site again, they may be more inclined than ever to continue to do so.

Furthermore, you can provide flexible work hours to employees. If some workers prefer starting work early in the morning, let them do so. Or, if certain employees enjoy working in the afternoon and evening, offer them this opportunity. Then, your employees can perform at peak levels, regardless of when they work on site.

3. Help Workers Cover Their Travel Costs

Gas prices are rising across the United States. They show no signs of declining any time soon, either. Meanwhile, you can help workers keep their travel costs low by offering commuting incentives.

For instance, you can provide gas stipends to workers. Moreover, you can offer money to help workers cover the cost of traveling by bus or train to their jobs. With these incentives, you can make it more affordable for employees to travel to work.

Get Employees to Return to Work and Help Them Feel Great About Their Jobs

The tips mentioned above can help you get your employees to resume work on-site and feel great about what they do. Of course, if you want extra help adding to your team, Arrow Staffing can assist.

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