Hiring Trends for 2022: What Can We Expect?

2022 is approaching, and the job market will continue to evolve in the new year. As employers increasingly rebound from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, expect businesses to seek top talent. Meanwhile, the “Great Resignation” is underway. In order to attract and retain talent, employers must plan accordingly.

A clear understanding of hiring trends for 2022 is a must. If employers know what to expect from the job market in the new year, they are well-equipped to identify and address any hiring challenges in their early stages. That way, employers can quickly and easily add talent. Plus, they can hire professionals who deliver long-lasting results.

3 Hiring Trends to Watch in 2022

1. Soft Skills Will Reign Supreme.

Employers want quality job candidates who possess industry experience and expertise. In 2022, many employers may look for candidates who have hard skills. Yet, the top employers may prioritize soft skills more than ever before.

Job candidates with soft skills are teachable. They want to learn as much as possible to thrive in any role, with any business. Thus, employers frequently want candidates who possess hard and soft skills. This ensures employers can add professionals who know the ins and outs of different roles and prioritize continuous learning.

If you want to add talent in 2022, consider candidates who have hard and soft skills. In doing so, you can hire professionals who can perform myriad work tasks. These professionals may be more prone than others to develop new skills and grow with your business, too.

2. Job Candidates Will Seek Out Established Brands.

Today’s job candidates are more informed than their predecessors. Candidates can seamlessly access insights into a company and its brand reputation via an online search. Furthermore, candidates will devote substantial time, energy, and resources to learn about a business. If a candidate deems a company a poor short- or long-term fit, they won’t settle for a role with this business, either.

Ultimately, an employer must do everything in its power to distinguish its brand as an industry leader. This requires self-examination, so an employer can find out how candidates and employees view its brand.

For companies that want to enhance their brand reputation, get started right away. Conduct surveys and questionnaires to find out how others view your brand. By performing research, you can gain brand insights. Next, you can use these insights to revamp your brand as needed.

3. Many Employers Will Establish and Maintain Internal Talent Pools.

There is a global talent shortage that shows no signs of improving in the near future. This shortage persists across many industries. And failure to prepare for this issue can have far-flung effects on employers.

To combat the global talent shortage, establish an internal talent pool and keep this group engaged. You can offer educational programs to help your current personnel develop new skills. Moreover, you can offer mentorship programs to help employees grow their careers.

Keep Pace with Hiring Trends

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