Temperature and Tensions Rising: How to Keep Hot-Headed Employees Under Control

Wouldn’t it be nice if every member of your team were laid back? Unfortunately, this is not the reality. It’s not a matter of if but when you have to manage employees who tend to be a little high-strung. Although they may be good at their jobs, they can also be quick-tempered and volatile, leading to conflict in the workplace. These tips will help you keep hot-headed employees under control.

Keep Your Cool

It can be tempting to lash back out when an employee loses his or her composure. However, the best course of action is to take a moment and keep your cool. Keep your voice calm and collected. Do not get caught up in the excitement because you do not want to further fuel the bad behavior.

Listen First and Speak Second

Within reason, allow the employee to speak their mind. Listen carefully so that you can accurately identify the issue. Hot-headed employees can often ramble, making it difficult to get to the root of the real problem. Double-check for understanding to eliminate any miscommunications.

Keep it Strictly Professional

Despite how your employee may be behaving, be sure to conduct yourself professionally at all times. Keep your personal opinions of the employee out of the situation and focus just on the issue at hand. In other words, do not let one employee get away with behavior that you wouldn’t let another one get away with.

What’s the Plan?

Decide on a resolution moving forward and a plan for carrying it out. You may not be able to give the employee everything they want, and that’s okay. If you can’t meet everything or anything on the wish list, explain why and communicate the plan for moving forward.

Provide Feedback and Set Consequences

The bottom line is that lashing out is poor conduct in the workplace that should not be tolerated. Not only should it be addressed at the time of the incident but also as a part of employee reviews. Ensure your company’s code of conduct is readily accessible and that consequences are set for employees who fail to remain professional at work. Be sure to follow through with disciplinary action when appropriate.

Bonus Tip: Record Everything

Unfortunately, there may come a point where a hot-headed employee’s conduct calls for suspension or even termination. As you can imagine, the chances are good that the employee will not go down without a fight. It is essential to document the details of every incident in case you find yourself in a he-said, she-said battle with HR.

Let Us Help You Find Employees Who Fit Your Company Culture

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