Knowing Your Worth: The Right and Wrong Ways to Ask for a Raise

Money talks are tough, especially if it’s with your boss. Wouldn’t it be nice if you received promotions when deserved without having to ask? Unfortunately, very rarely will a promotion fall in your lap with no effort from you. However, this doesn’t mean you do not deserve one. Let’s take a look at the right ways to ask for a raise and tactics you should avoid that could end up getting you fired instead.

Ask in Person

Over the phone, email, or text are not impressive ways to ask for a raise. You should always schedule a formal meeting and ask for a raise in person. Doing so shows you are professional, serious about your career, and not afraid to go out of your comfort zone when needed. These also just happen to be qualities that employers value for upper-level positions.

Have Your Research Ready

The fastest way to get turned down is to walk in empty-handed. Make sure you have done your research. Here’s what you should know:

  • Your market value – study salary trends for professionals with your qualifications and skillset.
  • The ideal number you’re looking for in a raise.
  • Alternative perks you would like to negotiate for if a raise is denied.

Know Why You Deserve a Raise

If you can’t explain why you deserve a raise, how can you expect your supervisor to think you need one. When giving your pitch, keep your focus on your accomplishments. Drive home how you add value to the company. Steer clear of personal financial problems you may be facing. A guilt trip or pity plea will not work. Employers want to see your performance.

Choose Your Timing Wisely

Timing is everything when asking for a raise. Do your best to pick a time when your supervisor has the least amount of stress on him or her. It would be helpful if it coincides with a huge accomplishment you’ve made at the organization.

Avoid These Tactics…Unless You’re Looking to Lose Your Job

Asking for a promotion in the wrong way may not just end up in rejection, but it could cost you your job. These are the wrong ways to ask for a raise.

  • Giving your supervisor an ultimatum
  • Asking for more money immediately following budget cuts or layoffs
  • Using office gossip to leverage why you need a raise
  • Asking for a promotion in front of clients for fellow team members
  • Going to in-depth about your personal life

It Might Be Time to Move On

There are times that you may do everything right. You could be the stellar employee with all the promise in the world and still get turned down for a promotion. This happens for a variety of reasons. If you know you deserve a raise but continuously get turned down, it may be time to find a new job where the compensation is better aligned with your skills.

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