Day and Night Comparison: How to Choose the Right Shift

Can’t decide which shift is right for you? There are pros and cons to both. Before you apply to night shift jobs in Grand Rapids, MI, here’s an in-depth day shift and night shift comparison to help you choose the right shift.

Day Shift Pros and Cons

The benefit that most often is associated with the day shift is staying on a normal sleep and work schedule compared to friends and family. This undoubtedly makes it easier to spend time with family and attend planned functions. Other pros include:

  • Management tends to be more present during the day shift. You will have more support should problems arise at work.
  • In-house cafeterias will be open to grab a quick bite to eat during the day. This often is not the case at night.
  • Often, the night shift is a skeleton crew, where the day shift has significantly more employees scheduled, meaning more opportunity for camaraderie.

The day shift does come with a few downsides. These cons include:

  • Since you are working during regular business hours, it is more difficult to run errands.
  • Your supervisor will be around more often, which means he or she may be a little more in your business than you care for.
  • Those meetings you wish to avoid will most likely be mandatory.
  • Traffic to and from work will be heavier since you are traveling during rush hours.

Night Shift Pros and Cons

The phrase “night shift” will send many candidates running. However, there are substantial benefits to taking on this unpopular shift. The most important being that most companies pay night shift employees more since it is an unwanted shift. If you’re trying to put some money in the bank or saving up for a house, the night shift can help you reach your goals much faster. Other benefits include:

  • Since you are working different hours than most people, you do not have to worry about rush hour traffic, making your commute much easier.
  • More than likely, your boss will not be hanging around during the night shift, so you are free to do your job without micromanagement.
  • Typically, meetings are not scheduled for the night shift.
  • You will have free time during the day to run errands, pursue a degree, go to the gym, etc.

The biggest con to working the night shift is that you are on a different sleep/wake schedule than most of your family and friends. This can be challenging to adapt to at first, but most people adjust over time, and it becomes a new normal. Other cons include having less managerial support in the event of an issue and fewer scheduled employees to handle the workload.

Which Shift is Right for You?

Choosing which shift is right for you is a personal preference. For some, no amount of incentives is enough to take on a night shift, while it is a perfect fit for others. Whether you are looking for a day shift or night shift position, Arrow Staffing can help. As the leading staffing agency in Grand Rapids, we have access to positions not posted on public job boards and forums. Contact us today to find your dream job!

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