How to Uncover Resume Lies

Just because it is on a resume doesn’t necessarily make it true. That’s right! Some candidates will lie on their resume because they fear otherwise they will not get the job. The good news is that you can uncover resume lies if you know how to detect them. These tips will help you identify the most common lies.

Altering Work History

It is well known that gaps in employment are frowned upon among employers. Candidates may try to alter employment dates to eliminate gaps. The most common indicator is leaving out months and only stating years. For example:

  • Receptionist: 2014-2016

The second way of manipulating work history is to extend employment dates to cover gaps. This type of altering is more challenging to identify. If a candidate’s work history looks too perfect, then it might be. The best way to uncover this lie is to call previous employers and verify both the months and years of employment.

Fabricating Degrees

Since candidates do not send in proof of degrees and certification in applications, it is easy to fabricate degrees to look more qualified for a position. Types of made-up education include:

  • Being vague – A candidate may say they earned a degree in marketing, but it might only be an associate’s and not a bachelor’s degree.
  • Lying about the institution – A candidate may tell the truth about their degree but say they received it from a more prestigious institution.
  • Fabricating both – Other candidates may manufacture both the degree and institution in hopes of getting ahead.

The easiest way to identify this type of resume lie is to directly call the institution and verify the candidate attended and received the degree they are claiming. You can also conduct social media research to verify a candidate’s education.

Embellishing Skills

Some candidates will embellish their skillset with the mindset that they can wing it until they learn what they need to know if hired. For instance, an applicant may claim that they are an experienced forklift operator when the reality is that they have driven a forklift once. A working interview is a great way to determine if a candidate possesses the skillset they claim to.

Elevating Job Titles

Instead of saying they were just a receptionist, a candidate may claim they were an office manager. Applicants may see this as a little white lie, but the job responsibilities and skillset needed for each position are very different. A simple call to previous employers will verify the roles and job responsibilities held by the candidate.

Let Us Uncover Resume Lies!

Thoroughly vetting candidates for authenticity is a crucial step in the hiring process. However, it can be a drain on your time and resources. The good news is you can take it off your plate! When you partner with Arrow Staffing, we will find and thoroughly verify every candidate, presenting you with only the highest quality candidates. Contact us today to get started and leave the rest to us!

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