How to Showcase Your Adaptive Skills

Companies must grow and evolve to be successful and stay at the forefront of their industry. Having employees who are willing to do the same is vital to the health of businesses. Evaluating candidates’ adaptive skills during the hiring process is how employers ensure that every new team member will roll with the punches and play a part in taking the company to the next level. Soft skills, also known as adaptive skills, are just as necessary to showcase when applying for open positions with job agencies in Grand Rapids as hard skills. This is your guide to adaptive skills and effectively conveying to potential future employers that you possess them.  

What are Adaptive Skills?  

These are the skills that are transferrable across different industries. Adaptive skills allow you to successfully navigate change in the workplace, such as moving locations, new computer software, a change in management, etc. Examples of adaptive skills include:  

  • Ability to communicate effectively 
  • Willingness to work as a team 
  • Ability to problem solve 
  • The capability of working independently 
  • Being innovative in the workplace 
  • Willingness to be flexible 
  • Having empathy towards consumers, colleagues, and supervisors
  • Being open-minded to change 
  • Always wanting to learn and grow 
  • Being proficient with technology 

How Can You Showcase Adaptive Skills?  

When applying for a job, you can demonstrate adaptive skills in three places: the resume, cover letter, and during an interview. You should utilize all three when possible, to make the most significant impact.  


In the “Skills” section of your resume, include a bulleted list of your adaptive skills. You can include this list with your hard skills, or it can be its own section. This makes it easy for employers to find and read at a glance. In addition to the list, throughout the resume, especially in the “Work History” section, be sure to highlight adaptive skills you possessed in each role, such as leadership or innovation.  

Cover Letter 

Your cover letter is an opportunity to expand on your resume. It is often the first thing employers read when shifting through applicants. Cover letters are an excellent opportunity to describe experiences in previous positions that exhibit strong adaptive skills.  


An interview is your final chance to show a potential employer that you have adaptive skills. When answering questions, do not just focus on your hard skills, but show that you can adapt to any workplace situation with real-life examples.  

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