5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Gap Year

Traditionally gap year is taken after graduating high school, before entering post-secondary education. However, many individuals are now taking a gap year after obtaining their degree, before entering the workforce and beginning their careers. Employers are beginning to recognize the value of taking this gap year. Lounging on the couch binge-watching shows or taking a year-long vacation will not be impressive to future employers. Taking a gap year is a great way to gain experience and save money while living at home. Here are 5 ways to make the most of your gap year!  

Travel with Meaning  

If your idea of the perfect gap year is seeing the world, that’s okay! You just need to have some meaningful plans built into your agenda. Find volunteer opportunities or even temporary internships that allow you to learn new skillsets, contribute to humanity, and experience different cultures.   

Seek Out Relevant Part-Time Work  

Taking a gap year doesn’t mean that you can’t work at all. Finding a part-time job or internship in your field, will help you gain experience, figure out what area of your field you want to work in, and help you begin saving a nice little nest egg.   

Find a Meaningful Cause  

Giving back to your community will not only allow you to be a part of something that is extremely meaningful but will also look great on your resume. Find a cause in your community that is special to you and ask how you can become involved  

Continue to Grow Your Skillset  

Just because you are done with your degree, doesn’t mean you can’t continue your education. Find local or online courses to take that will be advantageous in your field and help grow your skillset. The more certifications you hold, the better your resume looks to employers.  

Track Your Accomplishments  

You can accomplish a lot of goals in a year. Although you may think you will remember them all, chances are you will not. You want to make sure you have them all on your resume when it comes time to start applying for open positions. Keep a journal or a log of the accomplishment, date, and why it is relevant to your future career.   

Ready to Find Your Dream Job?   

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