New Must-Ask Motivational Interview Questions

Knowing a candidate’s skills is only half of the equation for determining who is the right fit for your company. The other half is understanding what drives and motivates them in their careers and day-to-day lives in the workplace. If you ask some form of the question, “Why do you want to work here?”, more than likely, you will be met with a canned response. This is of absolutely zero value to you.   

Get to the root of what your candidates really want out of a job by asking these 6 questions.  

How Does This Position Fit into Your Overall Career Goals?  

How a candidate answers this question is a great way to determine their long-term goals for their career. You don’t want to hire someone who uses the position as a stepping-stone and moves on in 6 months to a year. This leaves your company spending resources to hire and train a new employee.   

What are The Top Three Reasons This Job Appeals to You?   

The answer to this question will, in part, tell you what is motivating the candidate to take the job and whether they want to work there for the right reasons. For instance, a candidate whose reasons include holidays paid vacation, and getting off at 4, probably didn’t pay attention to what the job entails. You want a candidate who is more passionate about the work than the perks.  

What Kind of Atmosphere Do You Work Best In?  

A candidate who will not fit in with the work culture will not be happy in the long run. Find out whether the candidate likes to work solo or as a team. Do they enjoy a relaxed atmosphere or a formal one? The answer to these questions will give you insight as to how he or she will perform in your company’s culture.   

What is Your Motivation to Go to Work Every Day?  

Everyone has something that motivates them to go to work each day. For the lucky, it is that they love their job and can’t wait to tackle the challenges of the day. For others, it is seeing their co-workers, and for still others, it just means they are one more day closer to the weekend. Finding out a candidate’s motivation will tell you what they value most in a job.   

If You Were a Business Owner, What Would You Do to Ensure Your Employees Stay Motivated?   

Your candidate may take this as a fun, light-hearted question, which is great. However, for you, the answer tells what the candidate needs most from management. The answer is often a reflection of their own needs. Is it regular feedback? Perhaps rewards for a job well done? Listen closely.   

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