5 Accounting Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

The accounting sector of your company is one of the most important departments in your company. When hiring for an open position in accounting, you want to make sure you find a candidate who has a deep understanding of current accounting principles that apply to your company. Let’s take a look at five accounting interview questions that you should be asking every candidate.  

  1. Which Accounting Programs Do You have Experience With? 

It is essential to find out what accounting software candidates are familiar with. Are these programs that your company operates with? Do not discount someone who does not have experience with the specific program your company uses. Candidates who have experience with a variety of accounting programs can pick up on a new program quickly.   

  1. Explain an Error You Made During Your Career and How You Corrected It? 

Even the best of candidates will have made an accounting error at some point in their careers. What is important is how they handled the error. Ask candidates to explain an accounting error they made and how they managed it. You are looking for someone who can own their mistakes and consult with supervisors and owners to correct the issue instead of covering them up and potentially making them that much worse.   

  1. How Do You Proof Check Your Numbers? 

Ask potentials hires how they proof check their records and decrease the risk of making a mistake. How a candidate answers this question will tell you a lot about how detail-oriented the person is as well as give you insight into their soft skills such as dependability and responsibility.   

  1. How Do You Stay Up to Date on Accounting Laws and Regulations? 

State and federal laws and regulations are continually changing, and your business must stay in compliance at all times for audits, taxes, and the general financial health of the company. Ask potential hires how they stay up to date with new accounting regulations and changes that take place at the local, state, and federal levels.   

  1. Explain How You Would Handle A Given Scenario 

Either give candidates you are interviewing a tidbit of your company’s real financial status or a fictional scenario and ask what improvements they would make and how they would go about doing it. You want your new hire to be innovative and have the ability to improve the financial health of your business.   

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