5 Myths About Working with a Recruiting Agency

Many myths are surrounding the use of staffing agencies that discourage job seekers from utilizing perhaps their best resource. Let’s debunk the top 5 myths once and for all and understand why you should partner with a staffing agency when searching for your next job!   

  1. Staffing Firms Only Hire for Temporary Positions 

The ability to only land temporary jobs with recruiting agencies is one of the most common myths out there. The truth is that while yes, staffing agencies do hire for temporary positions, they also hire for full-time and part-time permanent positions. It is up to you to choose the job options you are open to taking.   

  1. You Have to Pay Staffing Firms to Find a Job 

This is one of the main reasons job seekers steer clear of utilizing staffing firms. There is an assumption that you must pay to get hired. It is employers who must pay when partnering with staffing firms, but for candidates, it is absolutely free! That’s right! You can let a staffing firm help you find a job without paying a dime.  

  1. Staffing Firms Only Help with Finding Entry Level Positions 

Recruiting agencies aren’t just for candidates seeking entry-level jobs. Staffing firms offer jobs across a variety of levels. In fact, staffing agencies help place candidates into senior-level positions with highly sought after, prominent companies.  

  1. Staffing Agencies Treat Candidates Like a Number  

Staffing firms care deeply about making sure you are placed in a position that you will be happy with. Contrary to popular belief, candidates aren’t just numbers herded in and out of the staffing firm. When you work with a staffing firm, an experienced specialist will take the time to discuss your needs and career goals. Your specialist will even help you fine-tune your resume and prepare for interviews!   

  1. Jobs are of Lower Quality and You Will Earn Less Money with a Staffing Agency 

A common myth floating is that jobs are lower quality, and staffing agencies take a cut of your paycheck. Both of these are false. Positions acquired through staffing agencies are of high quality, and staffing agencies do not receive a cut of your paycheck..ever!  

Find the Perfect Job Without the Hassle  

When you’re searching for your next great job, using the leading staffing firm in the northwest is your secret weapon! Arrow Staffing has over 40 years of experiencing helping talent just like yourself find the perfect job to fit your career goals! Kick these myths to the curb and let our specialists help you find your dream job today 

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