Team Building Activities That Don’t Involve Alcohol

While alcohol can be seen as a useful tool when it comes to helping employees let loose during team building activities, it can also be a bit of a slippery slope. For one, there is always the risk that someone will have a little too much and behave inappropriately. You also risk alienating those members of your team who choose not to consume alcoholic beverages or have a history of alcoholism. Neither one of these consequences is ideal when the purpose of team building is to bring your team closer together and strengthen the camaraderie. Alcohol doesn’t need to be involved for you and your staff to have a good time! Here are a few great ideas for your next team-building adventure! 

Engage in an Escape Room  

An escape room involves a team of players that work together in a “locked” room to complete a mission in a given amount of time to “escape.” This is a fun adventure that will not only allow you and your team to spend time together outside of the office but help strengthen communication skills and the ability to work together! 

Plan a Hike 

Spending a day in nature with your team is a great way to unwind, get to know each other, and strengthen your communication skills. Do some research on trails in the area. Make sure the trails are not too steep so that you and your team spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and not catching your breath from overexertion. It is even better if you can find a trail with a view or a waterfall! 

Dinner Out! 

Do you and your employees all have a craving for the same restaurant? Make it a team affair. This is an excellent way to enjoy a good meal and get to know your team better in a relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of deadlines! 

Volunteer in Your Community 

How about taking a day and volunteering with your team in the community? If you or one of your employees has a cause or charity that is important to them, take the entire team to volunteer. Whether it is working with special needs children, the elderly in the nursing home, or even Habitat for Humanity.  

Take a Wild Ride at the Amusement Park 

Visit a nearby amusement park and spend a day riding on roller coasters and eating funnel cakes. While feeling like a kid again, you will also get to know your team better, share new experiences, and maybe even help each other overcome fears and offer support! 

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