3 Reasons That Your Good Employees are Losing Motivation

All employers have employees who no matter what just aren’t excited and motivated about their job. However, when your good employees are beginning to lose motivation it is a sign of a problem in the workplace. It is time to look at why and address the situation before you lose your best team members. Let’s address 3 of the most common reasons that your good employees are losing motivation and what you can do to get back on track. 

Employees Are Not Feeling Appreciated Enough

Feeling under appreciated is enough to make anyone lose motivation. These feelings may be due to the fact that work has been really busy lately and you haven’t had the time to verbally praise your employees. They feel their hard work goes unnoticed, so they lack the desire to continue performing at the same capacity and quality. 

Take a moment to recognize your employees’ hard work. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Verbal praise 
  • Either take your team out for a nice dinner or cater-in lunch 
  • Reward with time off 
  • Offer monetary bonuses 

Overwhelming Workload

An overwhelming workload with no end in sight can really take a toll on motivation. If your best employees are experiencing a lack of motivation from too heavy of a workload, look for ways to ease the stress. You might consider hiring a new employee, even if it is just a temp hire until you get a big project out of the way. Re-evaluate how the workload is delegated. You may find that certain team members are unintentionally carrying more of the responsibility than others. It will also serve you well to talk with your employees on ideas they have to alleviate the situation.  

Personal Situations 

Unfortunately, there are times when personal situations may be to blame for a lack of motivation. The recent loss of a loved one, a family or friend with a terminal illness, divorce, or a new baby are just a few of the many reasons your employees might experience a loss of motivation due to difficult personal situations.  

Offer employees experiencing these types of situations a flexible schedule if your company allows. Be understanding and allow for work to be taken home or completed on the weekends if it helps them navigate this difficult time in their lives. In most cases, employees do not want to leave their team with a burden, so they try to work as much as possible.  

Hire Only Highly Motivated Candidates 

Highly motivated employees: 

  • Handle change better 
  • Are able to problem-solve more efficiently 
  • Are more productive 

Find The Best Candidates!

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