Ready for More Responsibility? How to Let Your Manager Know

You have reached a point where the tasks of your job have become more or less routine. You have gained the experience and skills that enable you to handle your job with relative ease, and you are ready for new challenges and opportunities. How do you go about moving in that direction? Here are some tips.


Maintain a high level of performance.

This is a given, pretty much a no-brainer. You cannot expect to be given more responsibilities if you are not doing a good job of carrying out the ones you have now. Your performance should not just meet expectations, it should exceed them.

Exceeding expectations means taking the initiative to go beyond the job description, volunteering for projects, offering solutions to problems, making suggestions for improvements.

So, before you ask for more responsibility, take some time to assess your current quality of work and to be sure it is good.

Define your goals

Asking for “more responsibility” is rather vague. What exactly does that mean? You need to be clear precisely what you mean by more responsibility when you raise the issue with your supervisor. You should be specific – are you looking to try other areas in your department or work on a project?

Arrange a meeting

The next step is to set up a meeting with your supervisor to talk about your situation. You need to come prepared and talk face-to-face about the issue.

Stay positive

You may be frustrated that your talents are being wasted at your job, or you may have other gripes about your work or the company. This is not the time to complain about them or raise these issues. The focus of the meeting needs to be on what you can do, what you have to offer and the value you can add.

Don’t expect an immediate decision

You need to give your supervisor some time to consider your request. He or she may need to talk with other managers for input and consider different courses of action available. Just see if you can set a date about a week or two later to get together again

Provide updates

After your supervisor assigns you some new responsibilities, it is a good idea to give him or her periodic updates to let him know how things are going.

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