Seven Red Flags to Watch Out for During a Job Interview

When evaluating job candidates, hiring managers rely heavily on the answers the candidates give to interview questions. And, naturally, the responses to the questions carry the most weight in assessing the qualifications and fit of the candidates.

But there are other things that hiring managers need to look out for as well, other behaviors that reveal aspects of candidates’ character and fitness for the job. These behaviors are red flags that indicate a person may not be what you are looking for and should not be hired. Here are a few of those tell-tale flags.

1. The candidate is late to the interview.

This is a pretty obvious red flag about a person’s self-discipline. If he or she cannot make it to the interview on time, will the person be able to show up for work on time?

2. Being rude or disrespectful

You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they treat those who are in subservient positions. If the candidate behaves rudely to a receptionist or cleaning person, for example, it is an indication they lack maturity and a sense of empathy.

3. Inappropriate dress

If the candidate is not dressed appropriately, which usually means a suit and tie, it may also be a red flag.

4. Timid greeting

Is the candidate unsure of himself or herself when greeting people? A confident greeting is one where the person is smiling, offers a firm handshake and looks the other person in the eye. If the candidate is reluctant to do this, it may be a red flag about his or her personality.

5. Rambling

Naturally, during the interview, you want the candidate to give complete and comprehensive answers. But the answers should show some thought and organization. If the person begins to ramble, and there is a problem with coherence, this is another red flag about their competence.

6. Critical of past employers

Another red flag. This may show an inability to take responsibility for performance – a tendency to blame everyone but themselves.

7. Not asking questions

This is a big red flag. Someone who is truly excited and interested in a job will have a lot of questions, ones based on their research and on what they have learned during the interview. Not having questions shows a lack of interest in the job.

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