Start Your New Job Off Right by Making the Best First Impression

The first day on a new job is obviously very stressful. Everything is new. There is much to learn. You want to get off to a good start and also make a good impression with your new coworkers. Here are a few tips on how to make a good first impression.

Ask questions

On your first day, you should do more listening than talking. There is a lot to learn about your new company, and you want to absorb as much information as possible. It is a good idea to have a little notebook with you to jot down notes as you go through the day.

Also, you should ask questions about processes and procedures and anything you don’t understand. You may want to write a few questions down in advance to make sure you don’t forget what to ask. Asking questions also shows your eagerness to learn.

Put together an introduction

You will be meeting many people for the first time and so will have to introduce yourself. Prepare a short introduction in advance so that you are not awkwardly fumbling for words when you meet people. The introduction can include where you worked in the past and what your job is at the company.

This is a great way to make a good impression because your first meeting with a person is what will have a big impact with him or her. What you say may depend on the kind of culture that exists at the company, whether it be a more formal, businesslike atmosphere or one that is more casual and laid back. In the first case, you may want to focus on your work experience; in the second, you may want to include a little about your personal interests.

Arrive early. Show enthusiasm

You definitely need to make sure you are not late on your first day at work. It may help to make the commute from home to office before your first day to find out exactly how long it takes. Also, make sure to show your enthusiasm. You want to project an image of someone anxious to get to work and make a contribution.

Turn off the cell phone.

On your first day, you need to devote all of your attention to the job. It is also annoying to others to have your phone beeping or ringing while they are trying to talk with you.

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