Turnover Costs Can Really Hurt Your Business

Finding the people you need is harder today than ever. You need to hire, but hiring the wrong person for the job can be disastrous in lost time, money and productivity. One way to increase your chances of finding the right person is to use a staffing agency.

How can a staffing agency help? Here are a few ways.

1. Active and passive candidates

Good recruiters at staffing agencies have built up networks of people as the result of their work. They work not only with people who are actively looking for employment but with passive candidates as well. These are people who are not actively looking but would consider moving for the right kind of offer.

Passive candidates are generally not on the radar of corporate recruiters. So, staffing agencies have access to a larger talent pool to help find the right person for the job. Good agency recruiters take the time to work with passive candidates, to get to know them and what they are looking for.

2. Agency recruiters know the lay of the land

In fact, many passive candidates rely on agency recruiters to keep the candidates apprised of what jobs are available, what opportunities there are at different companies. These passive candidates actually look for recruiters to help them get a sense of what is going on in the job market. Corporate recruiters, because they work for just one company, cannot provide this service.

3. Agency recruiters know more about their candidates

Experienced agency recruiters know their industries, and because of this experience, they have a good sense of the real needs of a job. They can filter candidates by looking at their skills, experience and salary requirements, but they also can look at other intangibles to determine if the person will be a good fit.

When good agency recruiters work with candidates, the recruiters deal not just with the current opening but will discuss with the candidate what long-term opportunities exist with the particular company. This approach increases the possibility that the candidate will be successful in the job over time because he or she will be taking the position because of the fit and opportunities, rather than just the pay.

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