Are You Doing Everything to Keep Your Employees Safe?

Safety is everybody’s business, and everyone at a company needs to be involved in sound safety practices. To make sure employees are working in a safe environment, your company needs to have an up-to-date workplace safety policy, and you need to have regular safety reviews.

So, how do you develop a good workplace safety policy? Here are a few tips.

1. Find out what the safety standards are for your particular industry.

The first place to check is the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the federal agency that establishes and oversees safety standards in the workplace. The standards deal with things like safety exits, ventilation, hazardous materials, first aid and fire safety. OSHA has standards for particular industries as well as general standards that all businesses need to follow.

2. Use other sources of information.

In addition to OSHA, there are other sources of information for safety, such as insurance companies and state agencies, chambers of commerce and industry trade associations. These places have training programs and other information on how to establish a safety program. And don’t overlook employees when setting up a safety program. Get their input.

3. Put together a safety manual.

This is the place where all the safety guidelines will be kept. It should be available to everyone in the company so everyone knows what the safety guidelines are and ensure they are following them.

Safety Reviews

Periodic safety reviews cover a range of practices; Here is a brief checklist a good safety review will cover:

  1. Making sure employees have access to the legal requirements for health and safety
  2. All employees need to be aware of safety policies and what they need to do to adhere to those policies.
  3. Anything that might be a hazard needs to be recognized and measures taken to reduce any safety risk.
  4. Any safety plan needs to include guidelines for identifying and handling safety risks.
  5. Records need to be kept of all accidents and injuries.
  6. There should be procedures in place for emergencies and accidents.
  7. There should be a fire safety plan – use of equipment and evacuation.
  8. Guidelines also need to be set up for the proper use of any equipment, and employees should receive regular training in the use of the equipment.

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