Is Your Onboarding Process Making Employees Feel Welcome?

Companies are increasingly realizing the importance of onboarding for new employees, especially as the competition for talent heats up.

Good onboarding is really just the result of having a little empathy for the new person. How would you like to be treated if you were new to the job? The answers you give will help your company do onboarding the right way. Here are a few tips.

1. Before they start

You can help the new person to hit the ground running by sending him or her the contract and other human resource paperwork before the person’s first day on the job. Also, give him the information he needs to set up his email account and any other online platforms the person may need.

All of this can be included in an email sent to welcome the person. This will enable the new employee to take care of the tedious administrative work before his first day on the job, so when he does arrive, he can focus on the job itself and acclimating to the new environment.

2. Have things ready

Have a workstation for the new person set up and ready to go. Give him a tour of the company if he has not had one yet. Make sure everyone knows when the new person is coming on board and is prepared to help him or her.

Another nice touch is to have a small gift for the new person. With the gift, you can include a copy of the company’s mission and core values.

3. Have a contact person

This is a veteran employee whose job is to be available for the new person to answer any questions he might have.

4. Have a schedule

Print out a schedule for the new employee’s first week on the job. That way, everyone knows what is happening and what is expected.

5. Give a welcome

Take the time to officially welcome the new person. You can do this by sending a group email announcing the new person’s arrival and giving a little background about the person, as well as what he or she will be doing at the company. You can also introduce the new employee to people during his or her first few days on the job, so everyone knows who he is.

6. Give a survey

After the new person has had time to settle in, email him a survey to get his opinion about the onboarding experience, information which you can use to improve your onboarding in the future.

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