Five Tough Hiring Situations and How to Overcome Them

Are you having difficulty in your hiring process? Are things not working out as you expected? Here are a few common hiring problems and what you can do about them.

You are making bad hires

The problem here could be that you have not clearly defined exactly what kind of skills and experience you are looking for. As a result, people are working from different assumptions, and their expectations are vague.

Before advertising the job, you need to get stuff together and clearly spell out what you are looking for so everyone is clear about what you want and is on the same page.

The hiring process takes too long

The problem here could be that you have no schedule and no deadlines to adhere to. The company needs to create a schedule with a deadline for each step in the hiring process. And the candidates should be made aware of the schedule as well.

Also, those involved in the hiring process need to keep the process moving. Hiring managers need to give evaluations on candidates immediately after interviews. Interviews can be scheduled one after the other to be more efficient.

Your applicant pool is small

There could be more than one reason for this. One possibility is a poor job description. It is not interesting or compelling to job candidates, or it is too long. Candidates will seldom take the time to read through a lengthy job description.

Another problem might be the image your company is presenting. What does the company website look like? This is the place where most job candidates get information about your company. If it is poorly put together or outdated, applicants will look elsewhere.

Top candidates are turning down job offers

The thing to do here is taking a look at your compensation and benefits package. Is it on a par with your competition? Are you paying people what they are worth?

You are not getting the best people available

Again, there could be more than one reason for this. But one big cause could be that your hiring process is taking too long. The best people are usually the first to get hired. So, if your hiring process is limping along, other companies will snap up the top people while you are still interviewing. One recruiting expert estimates that the top 10 percent of candidates are off the market within 10 days of beginning their job search.

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