Want Top Employees? Start Crafting More Engaging Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a nearly universal part of the hiring process. Most companies post them when they are looking for new employees. But how well they work is another question. Before they are published, companies have to run them by multiple people, ranging from managers and executives, to human resources and the legal department.

It’s like making sausage, a process you really don’t want to see. Because they are written to please a lot of different people with different objectives, the descriptions often come out using abstract and congested prose, either too general or too specific, too long or not long enough. So, how can you improve them and make them more engaging for job seekers?

One idea that human resource experts have developed is adding descriptive or explanatory material to the description to provide more background. This extra material is not part of the job description itself, so it would not be held to the same rules as the job description – and that’s the idea. It does not have to fulfill any legal or other company requirements, so it can be written in clear, easy-to-understand language.

This extra material could, for example, describe what it’s like to work at the company, what a person who holds the job would actually do on a daily basis. It would detail who the person would work with. It could also explain what function this job has in fulfilling the mission of the company. It might even talk about what type of person would be most at home doing this job, and how the previous job holder handled the job.

Getting this additional data should not be too difficult. All you need to do is talk to the people who are most familiar with the job – the supervisor for the position, as well as the people who interact with the job holder.

Other information that would add life to the job description is background about the company. This is an opportunity to showcase people who work there, who they are, and why they chose the company.

All of the additional material will go a long way toward punching up a dull and drab job description, crafting something that is interesting, even compelling, for job seekers to read.

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