4 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

Recruiting Agencies in Redlands CA: Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring mistakes: we’ve all made them. Sometimes we hire someone we just had a gut feeling would be perfect only to find that the person interviewed extremely well but didn’t fit in with our team. Or the person said she had a certain skill but didn’t have enough of it. Or someone said he had the critical certificate, but a deeper background check after hire found that he didn’t.

Even with technology – which one would think would make it easier to vet candidates thoroughly – poor hires get made.

Read below for four hiring mistakes to avoid in 2014.

  1. Possibly one reason hiring mistakes get made in the first place is a lack of a clear hiring policy. Unclear – or nonexistent – policies can make it harder for hiring managers to hire and can even leave a company open to legal issues. A clear hiring policy, as well as clear and definitive job descriptions/job ads, can make the hiring process go faster and smoother – and help cut down on hiring mistakes.
  2. Relying on just in-person interviews to make a hiring decision doesn’t work. As mentioned above, candidates can be very good at interviewing, so good that they can “mask” things that may otherwise give you pause. In addition, interviewing can leave you vulnerable to hiring on the “gut feeling,” which often lead to hiring mistakes. Make sure you check out a candidate’s online profiles (while being careful about using information you find there such as age, sexual preference, religious and political views to discriminate against a candidate) to ensure the candidate is who he or she says she is.
  3. Forgetting to check for references can land you with a bad hire. If possible, go beyond a candidate’s reference list (which should provide you with the person’s hand-picked references) and find other people with whom the candidate worked with and for in the past. When calling one reference, ask the individual if there are other people at the company who worked with the candidate. Then talk to those people. Ask those second-tier references for additional references (third-tier), and so on.
  4. Holding out for the perfect candidate. Face it, there’s really no such thing as the “perfect” candidate and waiting until you find him or her means that you’ll pass up one or more terrific candidates who are more than “good enough.” Hiring great people – especially if you’re looking for skilled trades employees for your Inland Empire company – is getting harder and harder today. Instead, it’s often best to hire for attitude, aptitude and work ethic rather than for skills. It’s much easier to train someone in a particular skill; it’s much harder to find someone with perfect skills who can be “trained” to have a great attitude.

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