Improve These Five Job Skills in the New Year

There are certain skills or qualities that all employers are looking for, ones that make a person a more attractive job candidate and increase your chances of getting hired. These skills are not specific to one type of job but are the kinds of general, softer skills that everyone needs, skills that are necessary for just about any job.

Here are a few of those important skills and how to develop them.

  1. Learning Skills

In today’s business world with the rapid pace of change, learning never stops. Employers are looking for people who are quick learners, those who have the motivation and the ability to continually upgrade their knowledge and skills. Advancing your education is one way of showing that you recognize the importance of learning. You can do this by earning a degree or certification, participate in professional development conferences, take courses online, or work with a mentor.

  1. Organizational Skills

These are the skills needed to take on a project and meet the goals set for it regarding quality of work and deadlines. It involves setting goals, establishing priorities, developing action plans and strategies. If you are not already in a management position, you can develop these skills at work by volunteering to take on extra projects or by volunteering in your community.

  1. Teamwork Skills

All companies are looking for teamwork skills, the ability to work with others toward a common goal. Employers recognize that productivity and innovation depend on teamwork, and they value it highly. You can develop these skills again by volunteering to work on group projects, volunteer work in the community, and taking classes on how to develop teamwork.

  1. Communication Skills

These are important no matter what kind of job you have. In fact, many employers regard them as the most important skills of all. Both written and verbal skills are important. You can develop these skills by getting involved in groups like Toastmasters to help your speaking skills or giving presentations.

And don’t overlook things like reading and writing. People like Bill Gates and Mark Cuban read several hours each day. You can also practice your writing skills by keeping a journal.

  1. Motivational Skills

Employers are looking for people who are self-motivated, people who are proactive in tackling problems and finding solutions, rather than being told what to do. You can work on this skill by setting your own personal and professional goals and developing actions plans for how to achieve them, along with timelines.

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