Five Ways to Keep Staff Motivated During the Holidays

There are a lot of things for people to do in preparation for the holidays. People are taking time off, shopping, preparing for family gatherings and the like. Unfortunately, with all of the distractions, productivity at work can sometimes be affected.

So, confronted with this situation, what can you do at work to maintain focus and performance? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Review expectations

As the holidays approach, meet with your employees to discuss exactly what you want to accomplish during the upcoming weeks. Set clear goals and priorities, and establish timelines for achieving your goals. Develop step-by-step action plans if needed.

This will help to instill a framework of accountability for employees during the holidays. It will also help employees in their planning for taking time off, so they will know what they need to focus on and accomplish.

  1. Limiting outside distractions

There are obviously more distractions for people during the holidays. So, take steps to limit distractions while at work, to put the focus squarely on productivity. Some ways to do this include limiting the number of meetings or making meetings shorter, and encouraging workers to limit email to what is absolutely necessary and to limit the amount of time they spend checking email.

  1. Have greater flexibility

Because people are busier during the holidays, you should make allowances for this as well. For example, you can be more flexible as to when people start work or if they need to take some time off during the day for running errands. They can then make up the time later.

You might think that this would inhibit productivity, but the reverse is actually true. Giving employees the freedom and flexibility actually relieves stress and allows them to focus better when at work and get more done.

  1. Have a holiday party

A holiday party is an excellent morale booster for employees and also a good way to show your appreciation to them for their work. When employee morale and engagement are high, they are more productive.

  1. Show your gratitude

The holidays are also a great time to express your appreciation to your employees for their work during the year. There are many ways you can do this. One way is by giving them a little gift, or sending out a holiday email to show your appreciation or a holiday card. This is another good way to keep morale and productivity strong.

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