Time to Give Thanks – To Your Staffing: Five Employee Recognition Ideas

Most companies these days realize the importance of recognizing employees for their good work. Doing so increases creativity, productivity and retention. To make recognition more effective, however, the company should have a reward and recognition plan, one that contributes to the goals and mission of the company. Here are a few ideas for employee recognition.

  1. Onboarding ceremony

When a new employee comes on board, the person can be welcomed with a ceremony just for him or her. Then, you can send an email to everyone in the company welcoming the new person, as well as providing everyone with background on the person, what his or her new job is and the duties and responsibilities of the job.

  1. Saying thank you

This sounds almost too simple. But just saying thank you to someone can have a powerful effect. It helps to bring you closer to your workers and helps to build job engagement and company loyalty. Moreover, it also has an effect on productivity – research has shown that those who get a thank you from their boss are two times more likely to volunteer for additional tasks. It also helps to reinforce behavior that you want from employees.

Saying thank you is something you can do anytime, anywhere, and you never run out.

  1. Material rewards

Cash bonuses are a very common way for companies to reward employees. But there are other ways as well, ones that do not rely on money. For example, the reward can be a dinner at a restaurant, time at a hotel or spa, movie or theater tickets, a day off with pay, a free golf outing, books or just a gift card. The kind of gifts and rewards are almost endless, limited only by your creativity.

The gift, however, is only part of the equation. What is important is what the gift shows – the company’s appreciation for a job well done. And so, along with the gift, there should be some public recognition as well, so everyone knows why the person is receiving the gift.

  1. Companywide emails or other communication

A great way to show appreciation and make it count is to deliver the reward publicly, in a way that everyone can see and know about. This can be done with a companywide email or published on the company website or newsletter, explaining what the person did to receive the recognition

  1. Company events

Another way that the company can show its appreciation to employees is by sponsoring companywide events, such as outings or trips to the theater or sporting events.

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