Don’t Be a Ghost! Why Ghosting on an Interview or Job Could Spell Doom for your Career

Many people in the business world are now familiar with the term ghosting because it is something that is happening more often. It describes a situation where a person fails to show up for a job interview or fails to show up for work. They give no notice. There is nothing. The person simply disappears. When the employer attempts to contact the person, there is no response.

One Reason for Ghosting

One reason it is becoming more prevalent is the tight job market. Many people today, especially those with skills that are in demand, are being sought after by multiple employers. The unemployment rate is low, and so job seekers are generally in the driver’s seat. They have options. As a result, they may feel no need to maintain a good relationship with an employer.

Reasons Not to Do It

But ghosting really is not a smart thing to do. It is very shortsighted. You can imagine how a recruiter or hiring manager who is a victim of ghosting would feel. They will be angry, and their opinion of your character and professionalism will drop a great deal. You need to think about the effect on your reputation when you ghost. One thing you can be sure of – they will not forget you or what you did.

You may think that you will never see these people again, but don’t be so sure. People move around, and the hiring manager you ghosted could end up at your firm down the road. Or you may run into the hiring manager at a conference or other professional gathering.

Moreover, people talk to each other. The hiring manager will talk to others in your profession and word will get around about your behavior. Especially with social media today, it will be harder than ever to run away from your actions. The hiring manager may find you on Facebook or LinkedIn and you could end up with a nasty message one day.

So, think a little before you decide to ghost. It’s just not worth it. It could ruin your reputation and even hurt your career. Better to take the time and effort to graciously turn down the job offer or submit a resignation and keep your good name intact.

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