Biggest Skill Gaps in the Inland Empire

As the economy has gained strength, the need for people with mid-level and high-level skills has grown as well in the Inland Empire. Half of all the new jobs in sectors with high job and wage growth will require at least an associate’s degree by 2020.

Jobs with Bachelor Degree Requirement Growing

Jobs where a bachelor’s degree is needed are projected to grow 50 percent faster than jobs that require only a high school diploma, according to state agencies and other public policy groups. Over the next decade, roughly 60 percent of the jobs in areas with the most severe shortages will require post secondary education. About one-fourth of these jobs will require a degree in a STEM field or training in a healthcare field. Significant shortages are expected in areas such as nursing, elementary, middle and high school education, general and operational management.

Skills Gaps are Looming

If these trends continue, Inland Empire high schools will not be able to turn out enough graduates to meet the demand for people who have training beyond high school.

But the skills gap applies to more than particular occupations. Businesses in the Inland Empire say there are skill gaps in areas like communication, collaboration, and critical thinking – abilities that are needed in just about any job.

One big problem is that about one-fifth of all California high school students do not graduate on time. In San Bernardino County, 22 percent do not graduate on time, and in Riverside County, that figure is 16 percent.  Twenty-one percent of the people in the Inland Empire have not graduated from high school, compared to 19 percent for the entire state of California. Almost 30 percent of the people in the Inland Empire have an associate’s degree or higher, compared to almost 40 percent for the entire state.

What Will Future Jobs Look Like?

The jobs of the future will require a greater skill level, and so there will also be greater educational requirements as well to do those jobs. The largest growth in California will be in high-skilled jobs, those requiring at least a bachelor’s degree, and in mid-level skilled jobs, those needing more than a high school diploma. And the same is true for the Inland Empire

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