Keys to Finding Qualified Candidates in a Competitive Inland Empire Economy

The job market is extremely tight these days. It is difficult for employers to find the people they need. To find qualified people, employers need to have a strategy that is well thought out. Here are a few tips.

Create accurate job descriptions

You need to take the time to write job descriptions that accurately reflect the skills and experience needed for the job and to make sure they are up to date. The descriptions should sell the company as well, including information about the company’s goals, mission and values.

Make it easier to read with bullet points and headings, short sentences and active verbs.

Share performance metrics

Put together summaries of key positions in the company containing outlines of the skills and attributes of high performing employees in those positions. This will help you when screening candidates. You will be looking for people that match the summaries most closely. It provides you with criteria for evaluation.

Use key qualifications

When you post the job descriptions, make sure it contains the key qualifications for the job. This will help to limit the number of people responding who are not qualified.

Post the ad

Advertise the job description on the internet and other more specific industry publications.

Use phone screening

After you have sifted through resumes and identified the most promising people, interview the remaining candidates by phone using a predetermined set of questions to help further winnow people and find the most qualified. Be sure to ask each person the same questions in order to evaluate them effectively.

Look on social media

One of the most effective places to recruit is with social media. With sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and more industry specific sites, companies can more easily find people with the qualifications they are looking for. When looking for jobs, many job candidates go to company websites as well, so it is important to have a professional looking site with a candidate friendly career page.

Referrals are also an effective ways to recruit. Company employees know other qualified people in their fields. In addition, clients and vendors are other sources for referrals.

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