Top Reasons You Should Partner with a Staffing Firm to Find Talent in a Labor Shortage

It is always challenging to find top-notch people, and even more so when the unemployment rate is low. What can you do to find the people you need? One way is to use a staffing agency. There are a number of advantages a staffing agency has when it comes to finding good people. Here are a few. 

An agency is aware of the job market 

Because of the collective experience of its staff and recruiters, an agency will have a good idea of what kind of talent is available and where it is most likely to be found. Having recruited for similar jobs in the past, the agency will also be aware of the kinds of skills your company is looking for, as well as the salary range for the position. 

An effective agency will know how to work with your hiring managers to find exactly what you are looking for and to find people that fit with the company culture. Good agencies will work with you to find solutions when you are having trouble finding people.  

A good agency will know your industry, what is happening in terms of employment and the trends.  

A staffing agency has a well developed network 

Over a period of time, recruiters build up a network of contacts at different companies. These are people they can go to in their search for job candidates, for referrals or to see if they would be interested in the job themselves. Having these networks helps recruiters to identify passive job candidates, people who may not be looking for work but who would be willing to entertain job offers under the right conditions.  

A staffing agency can help to sell your company 

An experienced recruiter will know how to present your company to prospective job candidates. Good recruiters know that attracting top-notch talent is about more than just giving them a good salary. Top performers want to know they are working for an industry leader, a place that values their input, that offers them career growth opportunities, that challenges them, that is innovative.  

A good recruiter will take the time to work with hiring managers, to learn about the exact skills that are desired, and about the mission, values and goals of the company. A good recruiter will be an effective liaison between the job candidate and the company as well, a conduit for answering questions and concerns.  

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