Is Hiring a Boomerang Employee a Good Idea?

Given the situation in the job market today, this is a question more employers may be asking. Finding people with the needed skills is tougher than ever, and so companies may consider hiring someone who has previously worked for them.

Pros and Cons

Is this a wise course to take? It depends on a number of different factors. One is the person himself. How did he or she perform when at the company? Was he productive? Another question to consider is how the person fit with the company culture. Did he or she get along well with coworkers? Was he a team player?

Also, you need to consider why the person left. If the reason for leaving was a conflict with a supervisor or other workers, you may want to pass on rehiring the person. However, if the person was an exemplary employee and left to pursue new challenges, it may in fact be a good idea to rehire the person.

There are several advantages to rehiring. You already know what kind of worker the person is. You know that he can do the job. He or she also knows the company. He can hit the ground running, without taking a lot of time to get up to speed on the operations of the company. Since the person has already worked at the company, you know that he or she is a good fit, that he can get along with other employees. Simply put, the person is a known quantity.

It’s always a gamble when hiring a new person, but rehiring takes a good deal of the risk out of the equation.

Moreover, the person has also gained new skills and knowledge while working elsewhere, skills that he can now put to use at your company. He or she has also met new people in your industry and learned from them.

There are some downsides to consider, however. This boomerang employee worked for you, left, and now is leaving another company. It raises questions about the person’s loyalty. How long is he likely to remain with you if rehired? You should look at his work history to see how much job hopping the person has done and if this is something to be concerned about.

Another thing to consider is whether the person is truly the best worker for the job. Don’t be blinded by the fact that he is a former employee. There may be others who are a better fit because of their skills and background.

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