Who Should I Use as References?

In deciding whom to choose as a reference, you naturally want to use someone who knows your work, knows what you are capable of doing, and who will say good things about you.


This is generally the first choice because a former supervisor is someone who would know what you have done, how you have performed and what you have accomplished.

It’s important to include former supervisors because omitting them as references will most likely raise a red flag for the hiring manager about your qualifications for the job.

However, as with all references, you should only include supervisors if you know they will speak positively about you. If you experienced major problems with a former boss, were disciplined, for example, it would be best not to use the person as a reference.

Former and present colleagues

These people are good references as well. They are people who have worked with you and so know how you work, what you are like, and what you are capable of doing. You naturally want to choose people with whom you had a good working relationship.

Internal references

If you know someone at the company you are applying to, see if you can use that person as a reference as well. They will carry a lot of weight since they already are employed there

Have more than you need

Most companies usually ask for three references, but you should have a few more just as a backup. Also, this will allow you to choose those people who can provide the best information for the particular job you are applying for.

Be aware of what they will say

People usually will not agree to act as a reference unless they can say good things about you. But you should never use someone as a reference before you have talked with him or her and received approval.

Talk with the person about what he will say. You should also provide the person with examples of your work to refresh his or her memory. Fill the person in on the job you are applying for and the requirements for the job.

A good reference will take the time to put together something that is persuasive and include specific examples of your work.

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