Here is Why Taking that Temp Job is Great for Your Resume

People sometimes wonder whether they should take temporary work if they are between jobs. They are not sure how it might look on a resume to a hiring manager. Can it hurt or help?

But these people should have no concern about taking temp work. It can only help your resume and the chance of finding full-time work. Here’s why.

Keeping skills up to date.

One of the main concerns of employers about job candidates who have been out of work for any length of time is the erosion of their skill sets. By taking a temp job, people get to use their skills and keep them sharp.

Moreover, while working, they can also pick up new and different skills, especially if they work at more than one company. This will certainly make them a more attractive candidate to a potential employer.

Job experience

Another reason temp jobs help resumes is that candidates can accumulate more job experience, which makes them more attractive to employers. And if people work at more than one company, they are gaining a variety of experience at different places. This makes them even more valuable because they learn how different firms operate, what they do and how they approach their business.

Having temp experience on a resume also shows initiative and dedication. It shows people who are resilient and don’t just coast while waiting for the next job. These people are being proactive and doing something to improve their situation and chances of finding a job. All of these are things that will impress a potential employer.

It also shows well developed soft skills, adaptability, the ability to communicate and work with other people. If people work at different companies, they must have these skills to acclimate to a new environment.


If people perform well in their temp jobs, they can use their supervisor or colleagues as references when they apply for other work.

Moreover, people can also enlarge their network of contacts working at different jobs, meeting people who might be able to help the temp workers in their search for permanent positions.

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