What to Know Before Starting a Warehouse Position

If you are applying for a warehouse position, you may have a general idea of what you might be doing, but there are a number of duties that go with the job.

Receiving, Sorting and Shipping

As a warehouse worker, the principal duties are what you might expect – receiving and processing stock and other materials, picking out and filling orders, packing and shipping orders, and managing and organizing stock.

You would help with shipping and receiving, loading and unloading trucks and checking merchandise. You would also process orders, pull materials, pack boxes and place the orders in a delivery area. The job also involves sorting and putting materials on shelves or racks or in bins. Warehouse workers also open bales, crates and other containers.


You will be responsible for maintaining inventory controls by gathering stock location orders, printing order requests, and recording what has been received or distributed. You may also help in counting inventory and preparing packages for mailing.

Sometimes, a warehouse worker will write up storage receipts for customers who store material in the warehouse. In addition, the worker is responsible for keeping records of goods that are damaged or defective.

The worker also has the job of marking pieces of stock and determining the best location for storing the material depending on what type of merchandise it is. The location is generally assigned by a predetermined system.

Workers are also expected to make sure their work areas are clean and safe by keeping shelves, pallet areas and workstations organized and neat. Sweeping, dusting and mopping may also be required.

Some warehouse jobs also involve driving vans or trucks to make deliveries to vendors.

Job Requirements

You should also be aware of the physical demands of the job, since it involves a good deal of physical activity, including lifting and moving packages of varying weights but possibly ranging up to about 50 pounds. There is a lot of walking, standing and bending over; you may at times have to kneel, crawl or crouch. You may also have to do some climbing. You should be familiar with inventory software and databases.

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