Top Tips on Engaging a Multigenerational Workforce

The workforce today is a diverse one. It contains people of many different backgrounds and ages. Today there are baby boomers and Millennials all working together. It may seem like a tall order to keep all of these different generations engaged.

Maintaining engagement means helping workers to reach their career goals and their goals in life. But it also means motivating them to contribute to the goals and growth of the company as well. Engagement consists in creating worker satisfaction, but it means enabling them to make a contribution to the company as well.

To keep workers engaged, both of these areas need to be addressed – worker satisfaction and worker contribution.


Companies help employees to contribute by ensuring that they understand exactly what is expected in terms of performance and why, that there are clear standards, guidelines and metrics. Firms help employees to contribute by providing ongoing feedback about their performance, informing the workers how they are doing and what they can do to improve. This is especially important for younger workers like Millennials who crave constant feedback about their work. And companies help employees to make a contribution by providing them opportunities for career development and other types of training.


Companies can help to increase worker satisfaction by enabling them to grow in their jobs, giving them new responsibilities and challenges to tackle. Giving workers more flexibility is also a way to increase satisfaction, such as with work hours, schedules and locations. Again, this is especially important to younger workers.

Peoples’ values and priorities obviously change with their stage of life. Younger workers are looking for meaningful work, but money is a top priority to them also. Older, mid-career workers are often more interested in a good work-life balance because they are at the point where they are raising families. Older workers want to feel that their work is making a difference, that their career has meant something.

But in the end, these are only generalizations. Everyone is different. That is why supervisors need to talk to workers one-on-one to find out what is important to that individual employee, and then work to incorporate those priorities into the person’s job and align these priorities with the goals of the company.

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