Five Questions to Ask Yourself When You Think It’s Time for a New Job

Things are not going well at work. You may have been passed over for a promotion, or having conflicts with your boss, or finding your job lacks challenge. Whatever the reason, you may be wondering whether you should start looking for another job. Before you do, ask yourself a few questions.

Why do I want to quit

Often, the urge to quit is precipitated by an event or incident. You may have had an argument at work or been chewed out by the boss. You begin thinking how good it would feel to march into his or her office and tell him off.

But a little thought shows how shortsighted this spur-of-the-moment action is. Yes, you would feel good for a short time. But this would soon pass, and you would have to confront the fact that you have no job.

Your quitting should be part of a long-range strategy, a step along a career path you have plotted for yourself. You don’t simply want to grab the first thing that comes along after you have quit. You are looking for something that will help propel you forward to your long-term goals.

Should I take some time off?

Sometimes you need to get away from things for a little while, take some time to think and just relax. You need to withdraw from the pressure cooker atmosphere to think more clearly, calmly and strategically.

What are the alternatives to quitting?

Try to make an honest evaluation of your situation. Are there any other measures you can take short of quitting that will improve things? For example, can you ask your boss for new assignments, work that will present some new challenges? Can you move to another department? Would some additional training help your situation?

Should I talk this over with someone

Maybe you need to get a different perspective on the situation. Perhaps you know someone with experience, someone who has been through what you are experiencing and can offer some advice.

What is my next step?

Where do you go from here if you decide to leave your job? You will need to begin preparing cover letters and resumes and thinking about other places to work, which you will have to research.

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