Electronics Technician

Location: Redlands, CA

Job Description:

  • Test and align circuit boards and assemblies, as required, according to written procedures and/or verbal instructions.
  • Calibrate sensors and assembled units according to written procedures.
  • Troubleshoot electronic failures and sensor problems and take actions required to repair the non-conforming assembly.
  • Inspect and evaluate the quality of performance, mechanical integrity, workmanship, and cosmetic appearance of all assemblies and instruments upon which the technician works.
  • Complete all test and calibration forms required for the testing and calibration of instruments upon which the technician works, including calibration certification documents.

Job Requirements:

  • Able to read electronic schematics
  • Able to understand common electronic circuits, including Op Amp and digital circuitry
  • Able to troubleshoot effectively, viz., being able to isolate failures to the system involved, to determine possible causes, and to establish a procedure for verifying or eliminating the possible causes of the failure
  • Able to rework electronic circuits
  • Able to use required test and measurement equipment, including Digital Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Pulse Height Analyzers and CNC/DMA system.

If interested please send resume to cvazquez@arrowstaffing.com