How to Find the Right Passive Job Candidate

Generally, when a company is looking to hire someone, the business advertises the job in various places and then waits for the applications to arrive.

But if this is all that a company does, it is missing out on some of the best people. These are the so-called passive job candidates. They are called passive because they are not actively looking for work, but would be willing to take another job under the right conditions. The trick is finding these people.

How can you locate passive candidates? Here are a few ideas.

1. Social media

This is a good way to locate passive candidates. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have user groups that are based on people’s interests and professions. People post about news and trends in their profession, as well as blog. It is a good way to locate exceptional employees.

2. Employee referrals

This is another good way to locate passive candidates. Your employees know other people in their profession. They can be a great resource for recruiting. They have networks to draw from in recommending people. Moreover, they know who the outstanding performers are in their field and whether the person would fit in with your company.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to employees for referring people. Ask your customers, vendors, retirees, and anyone else you can think of to recommend people as well.

3. Recruiting agencies

Recruiters find people jobs for a living. In the course of their searches, they come across many different people, establish many different contacts among those who are actively looking for work, and among people who just have their ear to the ground. So, they know the passive candidates who are out there.

4. Selling your company

To entice passive candidates to come work for your company, you need to reverse roles. Normally, it is the job candidate who is trying to sell himself or herself to a company. But to lure the passive candidate, you have to sell the company to him or her.

You want to advertise the exciting and challenging career opportunities that are available at your company and what a great place it is to work. You need to focus on what the company can offer to the person first.

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