What Type of Manager Are You?

Just as there are different types of people, there are different types of managers, with different kinds of management styles. Some are naturally better than others and work better in different types of situations. Here are a few different types of managers and their leadership styles.

1. The crisis manager

This is the manager who cannot see much beyond the end of his nose. They make plans to accomplish a goal and focuses laser-like on that goal to the exclusion of everything else. As a result, the department lurches from one crisis to the next, with the manager constantly trying to put out the fires. The irony is that this person is so intently focused on their goal, that they create many of the problems themselves.

2. The tyrant

This is the manager who leads through fear. They are demanding and manages with a heavy hand, barking orders and expecting obedience. They create an atmosphere where people are not so much concerned about achieving as avoiding errors, or covering up the errors they do make.

3. The Make-It-Up-As-They-Goes-Along Manager

As the name implies, this type of manager is not really big on making plans. As a result, things just kind of meander along, with results that are more often based on chance than anything else. They are constantly running into situations they are not prepared for or had not foreseen.

4. The Egoist

Again, the name pretty much says it all. This manager is mostly concerned about themselves and how they look. Their own performance is pretty much all that matters. Their workers are there just to make them look good. This manager puts their own welfare above that of their team. These types of managers experience high rates of turnover and dissension among their employees.

5. The Passive Manager

This type of person is more concerned about being everybody’s friend. They are eager to please and wants to keep everybody happy. The problem is, not much gets done. They are more concerned about their popularity than anything else. They are reluctant to get tough when the need arises, and so many of their workers are not pulling their weight.

6. The competent manager

This manager is generally on top of things. They are knowledgeable and works to continually improve. Their problem is that they are so focused on facts, figures, methods, and procedures, that they really neglect the soft skills of forming relationships with their people. They are constantly focused on finding the best new business strategy and so ends up with a scattershot approach.

7. The leader

This is the best kind of manager. They are a true leader – confident, concerned about their people, knowledgeable, looking to support his team and find solutions, efficient, organized, with long-range planning and goals, and a desire for growth.

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