Why You Just Can’t Hit Apply and Hope You Get the Job

Many companies feature online job applications. They can be automated, using software that looks for keywords on applications that match those in the job description. The cover letter and resume could be eliminated before even getting to HR.

In many ways, it’s like throwing something into a black hole. If your application manages to make it past the software, in all likelihood it will go the human resources department for additional vetting, like many others. Meanwhile, you have no idea what is happening, and may not hear anything again from the company.

That is why this method is not a very efficient way to apply for a job.

If you are interested in a particular company, what you need to do is find out who the hiring manager is, the person whose job it is to hire a new employee. Then you need to contact that person directly.

Do some research on the company to find out what is going on, what kinds of problems the company is having. Is the company trying to keep up with rapid growth, for example? Put yourself in the place of the hiring manager. What kind of person would they be looking for to solve their problems?

Then write to the hiring manager, explaining to them how you will help solve their problems, giving examples from your own work experience of how you solved such problems in the past.

Also, include a resume. Focus on storytelling in your resume. In conversational language, show what you have done in your previous jobs to tackle problems and provide solutions. Don’t worry about listing your tasks and duties. Focus on how you produced results, and explain it in a story. That means you are focusing on showing what you did, rather than telling about it.

Then, you want to send these two documents – the letter outlining how you can solve the hiring manager’s problems, and your story-based resume – directly to the hiring manager. One strategy to try is to do it the old fashioned way – write everything out on paper and send it through the mail. That will allow for your job materials to stand out from the pack and force someone to look at your resume and cover letter.

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