How a Google Search Can Help You Choose the Right Person for the Job

Many hiring managers perform a Google search on candidates even before calling top applicants in for a face-to-face interview. reported in March that upwards of “80 percent of employers Google job seekers before inviting them in for an interview.”
As you’re checking out candidates’ online profiles, continue reading for some additional tips on how Google can help you find a great candidate for your job opening:

  • By the far the simplest way to check out someone’s online presence is to Google the candidate’s name and see what comes up. (You do need to be careful about this, as you may find information about a candidate – such as his or her religion, sexual orientation, age, etc. – that could be open you to a discrimination claim if you were to use the information in a hiring decision.)
  • You may not find a lot of information on a specific candidate (especially if that person has a common name). So do a bit of cross-referencing: cross-reference volunteer work and association membership claims, where they said they worked, and so on.
  • Consider putting a Google Alert on their name so that you can see if anything new pops up during the interview process (best for a candidate search that will take more than a month).
  • We also recommend that you dig a bit deeper and use more of Google’s tools, such as Google Hangouts. You can use Hangouts to source candidates effectively by holding monthly video Hangouts where you discuss your company’s current openings. You also could ask your hiring managers to talk about their department, their needs, their culture, and projects. Doing so will help you find and attract more passive job seekers.
  • You also can use Google Hangouts to conduct preliminary screening interviews. Having a video interview can help you source candidates from social media sites, forums and other areas. You can ask candidates to talk about their skills and backgrounds and ask your company’s hiring managers to sit in and discuss the company’s/department’s work culture, etc.Don’t forget to use the “Find People” search on Google+.
  • Finally, remember that even great candidates may not have a large online presence. If you can’t find a lot of information about them online (such as they have little or no social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.), it may not be that they’re not ‘up” on new technology. It just may be that they are very circumspect and private and they realize that just about everything they place online is visible to others. They therefore may be very careful about what they place online – and what they do not.

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