4 Benefits of Working with Staffing Provider in Redlands, CA

If you own a company or manage a department of a company in Redlands, California, and you haven’t yet worked with a staffing service…why not!?

If you’ve never partnered with a staffing service to help you staff your company/department, read below for the top four benefits of doing so.

  1. Staffing firms help you stay flexible. Almost all companies have times where they need to perform a “big push”: either a lot of people are going on vacation at around the same time, or customer demand for products or services expands to such a point that the company needs more people to help fulfill those services or ship the product. Working with a staffing service gives a company the ability to ramp up the number of needed workers when crunch times come up, and then move back to “regular” staffing levels when the need for extra workers declines – all without worrying about providing unemployment insurance to workers who are laid off once the work dries up. Temporary workers are employees of the staffing service; they are not the company’s employees, thus your company doesn’t have to lay anyone off – and pay unemployment.
  2. When it comes to hiring someone onto your payroll (a direct-hire situation, rather than a temporary worker), you’ll save a ton of time. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports that the average time from the first interview to making an offer is 22.5 days. And that doesn’t include the time taken to write a job description, posting the job opening, gathering resumes, reading/culling through those resumes, and scheduling the interviews. Redlands staffing services such as Arrow Staffing have a pool of pre-vetted candidates that could be sent to your office for interviews the day after you call the office. You’ll be proactive instead of reactive in your recruiting process. (And, don’t forget, those 22.5 days are days your remaining employees will have to be doing double duty until the new hire comes aboard.)
  3. You’ll save money. In addition to the direct costs of recruiting and advertising the open position, your company also will save considerably when it comes to indirect costs such as the need to have one or more people on your staff take time out of their own work duties to screen resumes, conduct preliminary interviews, schedule interviews, conduct background and reference checks, and so on. Working with a staffing company can provide you with a known cost per hire and can often offer one or more financial guarantees regarding the quality of the talent/candidates they find.
  4. Productivity will remain the same when a worker leaves or it could increase when you need it to (due to increased customer demand) without having to add more work to your existing workforce. Employees who must work a lot of overtime or extra hours can quickly become overwhelmed, unmotivated and even less alert. Asking a Redlands staffing service to fill open positions can help you keep overtime costs down while helping current employees from becoming overworked.

Redlands staffing company Arrow Staffing has been serving Inland Empire companies with their staffing needs for more than four decades. Contact our recruiters today to learn more about how we can help keep your company’s productivity humming along

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