How Much Does it Cost to Find a Job with a Staffing Service? Nothing!

If looking for work, whether you need to find a job quickly or you’re looking for a position in your chosen career, sign up with one or more Inland Empire staffing services, such as Arrow Staffing.

Not only can a staffing service find you temporary or even more permanent work quickly, the firm’s work on your behalf is absolutely free!

The staffing firm makes its money by charging the company that uses their services – the company where you’ll work on assignment – a bit more than your hourly rate. Nothing but the required national, state and city (where applicable) taxes and your own (chosen) tax deductions are taken out of your paycheck.

The staffing firm charges its client more than it pays you per hour because it needs to pay for its workman’s comp insurance coverage, overhead, its own taxes, salaries to is staffing managers, etc. – and make a profit.

Profit margins for staffing firms are incredibly low – anywhere between 2 and 5 percent – which means that for every dollar it brings in, the staffing company’s net profit is only about 2 to 5 cents.

Staffing firms have relationships with dozens of some of an area’s top employers. Employers come to staffing companies to help them find temporary workers – as well as full-time employees to place on the company’s own payroll (these are known in the staffing industry as “direct-hire” opportunities).

You also could take on a “temp-to-hire” assignment, in which a company is looking to hire someone on full time, but wants to have a “try out” of sorts, in which they bring on a temporary person for about three months and, if both you and the company like each other, the company will bring you from the staffing firm’s payroll on to its own payroll.

Temp-to-hire assignments can’t guarantee that you’ll be hired on to the company, but it’s a great way to show what a terrific employee you could be to your assignment manager. In addition, if you decide that the temp-to-hire position isn’t right for you, you can ask to be removed from the assignment. After all, the company is “trying out” for you, too.

Working for a staffing firm provides you the chance to get to work quickly: if you have the types of skills the company’s clients need, you could see yourself working the next day – or within just a few days. This is why working for one or more staffing companies can be great at helping you keep income coming when you’re between jobs.

Before signing up with a staffing firm, take a look at its website to see what kind of positions it fills. All firms can place you in all types of jobs, but most tend to specialize in finding people to fill positions their clients need. For example, Arrow Staffing works with client companies in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, a region that has many distribution companies. We therefore tend to fill a lot of what are called light industrial and/or technical positions. Other staffing firms may fill more clerical/administrative and professional positions. You should register with at least three firms that have the types of job you seek.

When looking for work in the Inland Empire area, contact the recruiters at Arrow Staffing. We can help you find temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire assignments with some of the region’s top employers. We look forward to hearing from you.

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